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Two Reds Are Better Than One: How to build a micro-corporate in a beautiful area of Scotland

(and carry on growing during lockdown and beyond) - an interview with Chris Barrowman

We are keeping up the pace with the Two Reds podcast, in an endeavour to keep you positive and focused during lockdown.

Which is why this weeks’ guest was an obvious choice.

Chris Barrowman is a young Scottish dentist who chose to open a private squat in the quiet Perthshire town of Pitlochry and has grown that into a micro-corporate that not only had 4 locations before Covid-19 - but he also completed on his 5th practice acqusition during lockdown!

The InfinityBlu Group is well positioned and ready to take advantage of the return to work.

We talk to Chris about his history, about how he got his first practice off the ground with limited resources and about the success he has enjoyed in further squats and acquisitions, all associate driven.

Along the way we will talk about managing a growing team, about leadership, systems and marketing.

Here’s a man who sees the bottle as always half-full - and he shares how he coped with the first few scary days of lockdown and is now planning a successful return.

Listen on iTunes, your favourite podcast player or below.

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