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Tres Amigos shoot the breeze

Two days in London with best business friends, walking, talking, stopping for coffee, lunch, dinner or to wander around shops and sights.

On Monday at 09:00 we drew our three names out of a hat, to set the running order for who was going to get their half-day of "coaching" from the other two.

Monday morning - James Hamill;

Monday afternoon - Chris Barrowman;

Tuesday morning - Chris Barrow.

On Monday we walked from Regents Park to the top of Primrose Hill, down into Camden and along the Regents Canal to Granary Square (above Kings Cross) - then back to Camden Locks for lunch - afterwards back through Regents Park and down in to Marylebone village.

Monday evening dinner at Demartino's on Great Portland Street.

Tuesday morning brought rain and so my session took place in our hotel, followed by a wander around Marylebone and a very long and lazy lunch at The Ivy.

It's a big investment for all three of us in travel, time and expense.

We have already booked 8/9 January 2024 to do the same again (next time in Edinburgh).

Each of us presented our current business situation, our plans for 2023 and beyond, and the biggest challenges we face.

Each of us agreed that we benefited from expert feedback and advice. I personally gained clarity on how best to grow my business over the next three years with no dilution in the service I offer to my clients.

It is perhaps worth noting that none of us were getting paid for this - just tres amigos taking the time out to help each other - and enjoying the craic.

This morning an early start for me as I have a team training day here in London before heading to Belfast for the rest of the week.

I feel as if I have had a tonic, a change of air and an original and helpful perspective on my bigger future.

By the way - I'll be shooting the breeze with two other "amigos" in the next four weeks - part of my 2023 development plans. No fees - just sharing.

You should try this - it's great.

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