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TRBO Season #1 Episode #001: A Moment in History

Welcome to our new podcast, Two Reds are Better than One. As you may know, I’ve been big friends with Ashley Latter for 20 years. We share a love of Man United and all things Northern as well as a fascination with what makes people successful.

We’ve been speculating for months about a jointly-recorded podcast in which we either chat about the business of dentistry and/or interview others.

Our vision for this podcast is to share things that are working and not working in the dentistry industry, game changing tips and techniques that will help our listeners save a lot of time and help them get their goals met faster and more efficiently. Oh, and we want to have fun with the podcast and hope that you’ll have fun as well.

This will be a monthly podcast. We plan to record with one another at the end of each month and post new episodes at the beginning of the following month. We also plan on sneaking in a couple of special episodes as schedules permit.

You will be able to listen to the podcast episodes here on my blog and over on Ashley Latter’s website as well. We do recommend that if you want to be sure to catch each episode as we release them, subscribe via iTunes, Sticher or Google Play.

If you use an iPhone and you want to have an easier method to keep up with the podcast episodes, we recommend using an app on your phone called Downcast. The great thing about Downcast is the ability to listen to podcasts directly on your phone or computer as the episodes are released. If you use an Android phone, we recommend Pocket Player.

Listen to the Audio

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  1. We’ve given our podcast an initial title of Two Reds are Better than One, but we’re asking for opinions and suggestions for anyone that may have a better idea.

  2. We discuss hotel travel, including my favourite Ashley travelling story, eating a Tesco egg sandwich in a Holiday Inn on his birthday.

  3. We discuss changing your mindset as an approach to selling to patients.

  4. We talk about the trend in the rise of the goodwill value of practices.

  5. We observe dentists deciding to get out of the rat race and exiting dentistry altogether.

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If you enjoyed the podcast, please visit the podcast website and subscribe. Please consider rating the podcast on iTunes and write a short review for us. Writing a review helps us get the word out about our podcast.

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