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Two Reds Are Better Than One Season 3 Episode 8 – How to be financially independent at age 40

Our podcast guest this month is an old friend Dr. Harry Singh, founder of The Dental Property Club and The Botulinum Toxin Club.

We trace Harry’s career from working through his school holidays when all his mates were partying, to Dental School, where he realised during his education that he wasn’t really passionate about the profession.

Far from running away, Harry qualified and built a successful and innovative and facial aesthetics business (in the middle of a major recession) but always knew that most of the people in The Sunday Times Rich list were there because of property assets and not business.

In 2012 he made the decision to give up clinical dentistry and focus on property and facial aesthetics – the two subjects about which he was passionate.

Harry also has a well developed sense of humour.

He shares with us his P.I.S.S. (yes – I did say that) theory of becoming financially independent through:

  1. Passive Income

  2. Investment Income

  3. Savings

  4. Simplicity

….and shows how that allowed him to reach age 40 with enough of the first two to be able to stop work and live happily and wealthily for the rest of his life.

To avoid boredom, he created his two training companies and is now helping hundreds of other dental folks.

So if you want to know how to get started in either of these activities – you will love this conversation.

Harry shares many tips, secrets and recommendations in his uniquely non-p.c. style.

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Episode Length: 37 minutes 48 seconds

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