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Today's agenda - getting ready for next year

A practice visit today with a long-standing client and good friend.

Thirteen chairs over three locations and planned expansion.

The agenda:

  • To begin training and mentoring a newly recruited operations manager from a background in private healthcare;

  • To help my client reduce from 4 to 2 clinical days a week by the end of 2022;

  • To help my client build his management team and escape from the tyranny of endless WhatsApp messages concerning every aspect of the business;

  • To work with the senior management team on the team and systems required to ensure maximum productivity and profitability;

  • To review all of the numbers.

By the end of the day to have initiated a comprehensive business and personal plan for next year.

I also will be welcoming him as client #85 in Extreme Business 100 community - that way, I'll be able to make sure that his plan becomes a reality.

It is great to be back, even though I was never away.

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