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Three take me out for dinner

Three young associates took me out for dinner last week, to pick my brains on opening their own squat dental practice.

They gave me full permission to extend tough love - and I held nothing back in exposing the naivety and flaws in their plans.

That's in no way a criticism - we all start from the same position of inexperience and we research, learn and grow.

I've no doubt that a recording of earlier versions of me would have me cringing in embarrassment at my highfalutin and grand designs.

Credit to my three hosts:

  • For identifying me as one of the experienced dental folks they should talk to;

  • For having the good grace to accept my very direct feedback;

  • For having the hunger to make a difference in the world and the humility to see their lack of knowledge;

  • For their enthusiasm - as always, infectious.

I'd like to think that, 25 years from now, someone asks them out for a working dinner.

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