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100% Pure Energy - A conversation with Manrina Rhode

If you want to be inspired by the potential of a career in dentistry, no matter what your age or background, listen to the journey of one of the UK’s most interesting dental practice owners.

As a child, Manrina Rhode wanted to become an actress, but an enlightened Headmistress saw the opportunity of combining art and science and encouraged her to study dentistry. The UK dental community (and her patients) can be glad that she did. 

Right at the start of her career, she secured a position with Dr. Surinder Hundle at Lund Osler, one of whose clinics was based in Harvey Nicholls, London - innovative in its time.

Surinder, famous as an original participant in the TV show "10 Years Younger" opened up opportunities that you can only dream of (learn how Manrina beat her competition to get this job).

After several years at Lund Osler, she worked for Tim Bradstock-Smith - The London Smile Clinic. 

Along the way, she ran a Music Label in Atlanta, that is another story you need to hear.  

In the last 2 years, she has finally opened her own clinic - DRMR - and you’ll hear why Chris was speechless with admiration when he first visited.

In this episode you will discover; 

  • What it takes to become a true success in dentistry

  • The importance of finding your passion in dentistry and to do what you love to do

  • The big lesson she learnt from her father. If you have children, the most important message you can give them, so that they are a success in their lives

  • The importance of finding mentors and networking with the very best

  • If you are running an Instagram page you need to do this ONE THING to make it work for you


Listen now via the player below or your favourite podcast streaming service.

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