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Three Reds are Better than One - a podcast Xtra with Enrica Latter as “The Third Red"

Have you ever considered what a new patient enquiry is worth to your practice?

If a patient is interested in some cosmetic treatments, for example short term orthodontics, bonding, teeth whitening, or implants, each telephone call could be potentially worth thousands of pounds. If a patient is enquiring about just becoming a patient and they join your membership plan, over a ten-year relationship, then they could easily spend several thousands of pounds with you. This is becoming increasingly important as patients are often shopping around, and some of them are enquiring about NHS services.

Therefore, it would be safe to say that the Reception Team are some of the most important members of your team, they are often dealing with thousands of pounds worth of opportunities every day and they could make, or break whether a patient visits your practice, or your competitors down the road.

In this episode Chris and Ashley along with Enrica Latter, Ashley's daughter, explore this topic in detail. Enrica who works in a top end Private Dental Practice in Manchester as a TCO, made a dozen mystery telephone calls to Practices throughout the UK and what she discovered was alarming.

In this podcast you will discover;

  • Why your Front of House Team/Receptionists are the most important team members within the Dental Practice;

  • Why they should be called 'Managing Director of First Impressions';

  • The skills and traits of someone who is dynamic on the telephone and how employing from outside the industry can be advantageous;

  • What Enrica discovered after making all these calls and the five big take-aways from the exercise;

  • What not to do if a patient is enquiring about NHS, when you can only see the patient on a private basis;

  • The incredible offer made by Ashley Latter for those who are serious about making progress in this area, including free training places on his courses.


Listen via your favourite podcast streaming service or the player below.

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