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Those days

There are days when you are truly in the zone.

Doing what you were always meant to do.

The work is effortless.

Time flies and yet there is enough.

Obstacles become part of the fun of it.

The people who want to stand in your way can be ignored.

Things work.

It flows.

Many years ago, a wonderful sales manager taught me:

“Welcome to the world of professional sales.

You are going to spend 20% of your time in the zone.

20% of your time suicidal.

60% of your time too tired to know how you feel.

When you get into the zone, enjoy the moment.”

That was yesterday. I was pursuing my unique ability and it was uplifting.

Thank you Nilesh, Romina and Amanda at Ocean Dental for a day that reminded me why I have been called to do this work.

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