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There is always so much to do…

Enlarging upon my Tweet of a few moments ago.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting over 70 new people today as we bring the “Business School” material to a new IDH region – a typical CB day of holding a new room and making new friends.

The challenge that haunts me is the sheer weight of business development and personal organisation that I have sat on my desk (for the next couple of days) in Altrincham.

This and I am blessed with a fantastic personal assistant to whom I genuinely cannot delegate the “things” I want to do.

The real problem is that I’ve slipped into too many “delivery” days and not enough “planning and preparation” days – a predictable malaise at this time of year (especially when there are bills to pay).

The paradox is the need to generate income versus the need to plan carefully – and I’ve been wrestling with that pig for most of my adult life – personally and on behalf of clients.

At the risk of repetition, my 2010 calendar was completed on Saturday – and allows for a considerable increase in business development days – but until New Year it will be head down and work, work, work.

Tomorrow, at my desk, I will have to get through a lot of stuff…..

For today – the audience awaits.

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