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There are no limits to what you can achieve

You are going to think this a little morbid - but I do have two applications on my iPhone that will, following the completion of a lifestyle questionnaire, predict my age at death.

One has the chirpy title of "Deadline" and the other is "Living to 100" (based on the book of the same name).

Both apps are free - you can have a go yourself.

Every now and then I repeat the questionnaires just to see how I'm doing.

I'll be 68-years old in a few weeks time and both applications suggest that, barring accident or unforeseen illness, I have a life expectancy of age 93.

93-68 = 25 years.

I actually looked at that last week on holiday, sitting in the shade of a Greek town square whilst waiting for Annie to finish some shopping.

And it begged a question:

"If you knew that you had 25 years left to live - what would you do with them?"

At this point I'd like to turn from morbidity (sic) to inspiration.

For me, the above question is a reality, not a speculation.

It made me realise that I still have a long bucket list of things:

  • I want to achieve and

  • I could achieve if I wanted to.

I'm motivated to work on that list.

It's the second of them that fascinates me - what could I achieve if I really wanted to?

In your case it may well be that you have plenty more years than I do to "get things done".

Don't let that slow your progress - for you, like me, in the poker game of life, the sky's the limit.

p.s. My intention is to "beat the app" and live to 100 (at least).

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