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Themed marketing

Lead (new patient) generation is a compulsory and never-ending activity.

The best time to dig a well is when it is raining – wait for a drought and you are too late.

So – I constantly nag my clients to keep digging the well when it comes to marketing activity.

At 7connections we supply a marketing template spreadsheet, dividing the year into 12 months and planning activity for every month.

On this subject, I was asked last week to supply 12 themes for a full year of marketing.

Here they are.

Imagine that on the 1st of every month you:

  1. change the home page of your web site to highlight the theme

  2. ensure that your social media posts are parables connected to the theme

  3. direct any Google direct-marketing to create leads for the theme

  4. create min-referral cards related to the theme – and make your referral requests specific – “if you know of any family, friends or colleagues who would be interested in this theme, please pass this card to them”

  5. alter your A-board, signage, advertising and/or radio advert to promote your theme

  6. train your front desk and TCO team to answer FAQ’s on the theme

  7. mentor your clinicians to talk to patients about the theme

Exhausted at the thought?

Don’t forget to delegate all of this to a marketing manager (full or part-time).

Please, though, don’t abdicate – no longer an option.

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