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The weird thing about being a coach

A client writes to me this morning as follows: “Probably sound silly but would you mind reassuring me that I really can contact you with questions?

I write e-mails and then delete them because I think the questions aren’t good enough/you hear all this all the time/you are exhausted already (blog)/this will bore you/etc etc I’m not sure what the VBC member can reasonably expect. (Yes I know it says unlimited). In fact I’d better shut up now and send this quickly before I change my mind.”

VBC means “virtual business coaching” – a group of clients who invest in my services as a coach via email and telephone (plus access to all my intellectual property).

It has been a problem for 15 years now – the clients who pay for coaching and are then fearful of asking questions.

Sounds crazy – yes?


  1. client thinks the question is too basic

  2. client thinks that because I have written about being exhausted at the end of a busy week – they don’t want to trouble me

  3. client thinks that I was joking when I said “unlimited access”

Its like a leisure club (which is why I called it the “coaching gym” originally.

  1. See the club benefits

  2. join the club

  3. pay the fees

  4. get into the habit of going for a while

  5. get out of the habit of going

  6. keep paying

How daft is that? And yet how many people do it?

Its how a leisure club stays alive – 15,000 members and only 50 there at any one time.

Personally, I’d prefer the clients to attend the coaching gym – I get bored otherwise.

So – unlimited means unlimited.

Please visit my gym!

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