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The way I'm reading it – first impressions

In simple terms – its back to capitation boys and girls – but with some interesting differences. Registration – kind of makes sense. Weighted capitation – the crappier the dental population around you – the more money you get – and vice versa – so NHS dentistry disappears from higher socio-economic groups, with better dental health, living in more affluent areas – and perhaps so do NHS dentists! Learn to live with your QOF (quality outcome framework) score:

  1. 30% of your score assessed on the feedback that patients give on their customer service experience

  2. bear in mind that West Midlands PCT are piloting a PET (patient experience tracker) – a touch-screen console in the practice that allows patients to record their answers to the questions in column 1 above and a monthly target for the number of entries – no room for abuse there?

  3. 60% of your score largely based on the hygienists or therapists records – so bugger the dentistry – just pay the latter 35% to run a giant maintenance machine – you might as well run the “book” on the NHS and then just refer patients for private treatment for anything more complex/expensive

  4. no wonder that there is a DOH push to get hygienists and therapists registered next year

  5. 10% record keeping – simple enough if you have decent practice management software

Is it me – or does this sounds as if NHS dentistry will become a £3bn a year national walk-in hygiene service?Leaving private dentists to do all the “other stuff”? I’m OK with that. (Just in case you missed it – the full document was downloadable from my last post)

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