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Its very unusual for me to have any spare time on my hands – almost every email or call I get from clients and contacts starts with “I know you are busy but could you……”

The team at 7connections know different and “get it” that I’ve been busy for 43 years and that I get stuff done to deadlines almost all the time.

The appearance of busy-ness can be a blessing and a curse. Some prospective clients find it attractive, others the opposite.

We all end up working with patients/clients who find us attractive (in the holistic sense I hasten to add).

I enjoyed an interesting exchange with an existing client the other day which began with:

“I think you are great but my associate thinks you are a wanker.”

Its always good to get feedback – it helps you to develop your brand and your business model.

Of course, I had to ask what evidence the second opinion was based on – and, having put my chin out – it was firmly punched:

“He thinks that hiring you is a waste of time because your track record in business has been very patchy over the years – some of your business ventures have fallen apart – so why would you hire a guy like that to tell you how to run your business?”

This raises an interesting observation.

Are we to be judged on how successful we are personally – or on the difference we make to other people’s lives and businesses?

And if the two results are very different – does it matter?

The facts upon which the associate has based the assessment are accurate. I’ve created three very successful businesses over 30 years – and – have suffered three grim catastrophes (and I’ve never made a secret of that).

That is a glass half empty conversation I suppose – you have all read my posts (and info-graphics) on snakes and ladders in business.

The glass half-full conversation is about the results I get for the clients I work with – and in that department I’m going to claim well over 80% success in making those lives and businesses much better.

We’ve been rigorously asking for testimonials recently as part of our marketing – and the responses have been hugely inspiring for me personally.

My client is right – I’m great at what I do.

And like Robert the Bruce’s spider – no matter how many times the web breaks, I will keep on spinning and weaving.

His associate is right – I’ve been a wanker sometimes.

Will the reader who hasn’t please raise their hand (if you’ll pardon the expression)?

Sadly, I’ll be unable to attend the Private Dentistry Awards tomorrow as we double-booked our first Mastermind Meeting just a short distance away.

While many of my friends are quaffing a superb lunch – I’ll be continuing and beginning the coaching journey for 8 practices at The BDA.

To all those short-listed at the awards, my congratulations – you are already winners.

To those who win – don’t let it go to your head – somebody in dentistry who you don’t know and have never worked with will be calling you a wanker behind your back as well.

They will, of course, be right.

It is the price you pay when you make a positive difference.

But fuck them – and enjoy the moment.

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