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The Visual Patient Journey – how to avoid sending your patients to sleep with your patient jou

Most of the treatment plans I read send me to sleep – they are compliance documents, no emotion and no “needs, benefits and features”.

Whilst I appreciate the need for compliance (and the small print), you wouldn’t expect an estate agent to hang mortgage deeds in their shop windows.

Our October newsletter – broadcast this morning – features a long-form article with my take on The Visual Patient Journey, a free infographic PDF and much more…

Courtesy of Zuckerberg and Jobs, your patients are spending less time reading small print and more time looking at photography and videography as they make their purchasing decisions.

I appreciate that high-street bookstores are booming as there is a resurgence of print media book sales.

I put a lot of that down to the cohorts of the population (like me) who don’t commute and stare at a smartphone, tablet or Kindle and need a change from digital when they relax and read, they want the tactile experience of holding a book or magazine in their hands.

However, that’s a leisure activity and not shopping around.

Your patients do their shopping around online and will want to see pictures.

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