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The Virtual A-Board

Imagine, if you will, that you have an A-Board that advertises your best offers. Whenever you have a bright idea:

  1. free implant consults

  2. half-price whitening

  3. same day veneers

  4. same day crowns

  5. invisible ortho

  6. new patient assessments with a TCO

  7. Children’s Days

  8. Charity events

  9. members evenings

  10. special offers

  11. limited time promotions

In fact, any campaign…. Your A-Board can be changed immediately and at no cost. Your A-board is bright, shiny and very noticeable. The problem is – where do you put it? Options:

  1. in the back garden of your practice = 1 person sees it every week = 0.1% take up = 1 new patient every 1000 weeks

  2. at the front of your practice = 100 people see it every week = 0.1% take up = 1 new patient every 10 weeks

  3. in a local shopping centre = 1000 people see it every week = 0.1% take up = 1 new patient a week

  4. in a major regional shopping mall = 10,000 people see it every week = 10 new patients a week

  5. on a bridge over the local motorway = 100,000 people see it every week = 100 new patients a week

  6. on TV in the X-Factor adverts = 1000,000 people see it very week = 1000’s of new patients

Wouldn’t you like your A-board in that shopping centre, on that bridge, on TV? Well now you can – and at very low cost. Its called social media. Populate the following:

  1. a web site

  2. a blog

  3. a Facebook page

  4. a Linkedin profile

  5. a Foursquare site

  6. a YouTube channel

  7. a Twitter page

Keep them busy. Keep them lively. Keep them interesting. Invite followers at every available opportunity. You will create that virtual A-board for your offers – but better then any A-board – you will be able to add content and video that will bring your brand to life. You become the media. The world’s most effective A-board.

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