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The viewpoint from a business manager - an interview with Lucie Simic

Discover the six essential Strategies to turn an Average Dental Practice into a Truly World Class One

Lucie Simic beegan her working life as a Journalist and after helping Mike Hesketh at the Exeter Dental Centre with his social media strategy, became his Business Manager. (Mike was a previous guest on our podcast).

In just four years they turned a Practice whose turnover was £400,000 to £2.4M, eventually selling it to BUPA for £3.2m.

Lucie implemented 6 strategies that allowed this to happen and in this podcast, you will discover what they are and how they created a truly world class dental practice. You will discover;

  • The importance of setting a vision and selling the dream to the team

  • What a Brand Book is and why it is needed

  • The essential traits when recruiting for a committed and successful Business/Practice Manager

  • How to retain your team and what is essential to get your team motivated and to go the extra mile for your Practice. A clue, it has little to do with pay!

  • The difference between a Staff Journey and a Patient Journey and why you need both to be truly world class

  • The difference between a Growth Chat and an appraisal and how you can give your people a progression plan

  • The importance of measurement - do you know the hourly profit rate per surgery? Why you need to...

  • Why morning huddles are essential and what happens in them

  • Front of House - why they are the most important people in your Practice, you will see them differently after hearing Lucie


Listen via the player below or via your favourite podcast player.

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