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The view from the top

My business planning day was inspiring. Mike Hutchinson (my coach for the day) began by explaining that when we were standing at the base of a mountain and looking up, it appeared to be a stiff climb – but that when we are standing on the summit, the view will be spectacular. I have been standing at the base of my mountain for some months now – and becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the climb – life has looked like a struggle. Taking my own medicine for once, I wrote “28th March 2009” at the top of a flip chart and, as I sat in Mike’s lounge, he scribbled on the flip chart as I began to describe the view I want to see in three years from now. The process took around 4 hours and, as the view came into focus my energy levels grew and grew. After a delightful lunch of fish, augergine, potatoes and vegetables, prepared (and I was impressed) by Mike in his country kitchen, we then spent another 2 hours beginning to plot my “camps” on the ascent of the mountain – the most important being “Camp 1” in 90-days time. I also had the opportunity to articulate many of my emotions around both personal and professional issues that trouble me (all the ways in which I could fall) – and gain clarity on what has to happen. To be on the receiving end of first-class coaching was refreshing and inspiring. I have altered my work schedule to facilitate another meeting a week today, in which we intend to deconstuct and reconstruct my cash flows, to determine action necessary now to begin the ascent. The view from the top is simply fantastic – and I am now plotting a route and gathering the team and the equipment that will be appropriate for a succesful expedition. I am wired, fired and ready to climb.

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