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The Uncertainty Barometer

I'm going to stick my neck out and suggest that we are heading for calmer waters over the next few months.

Calmer, that is, in the sense that our individual work/life landscape is going to become more settled after two years of agile (knee jerk) reaction to ever-changing circumstances.

Of course, a cursory glance at the news headlines this morning provides no comfort.

The world of politics is battered from pillar to post (to party).

The economy is heating up.

There are international tensions and tanks on borders.

Taylor Swift is upset with Damon Albarn 🙄

But you and I - the ordinary people who don't need power, celebrity and super-wealth to define ourselves - we are going to be OK - we made it.

I'm excited about getting many aspects of my old life back - later this week I'm off to The Campbell Academy to join their implant course as a visiting guest lecturer on marketing. Next week, our London workshops are sold out - we have no spaces left in the larger room to which we upgraded.

I'm sure there will be readers who continue to deal with the disruptions caused by isolation, cancellation, vaccination, resignation and vacillation.

However, my message is to hang on, to stay calm and to keep focused.

Covid, at the moment, feels like the end-game in chess.

There are still important moves to be made. It's vital not to lose concentration, but there is a growing sense that the match is winnable.

Two years after we were told to stay at home, perhaps in the days ahead we'll be telling our PM to do the same (and to stay there).

The uncertainty barometer for you and I, however, is moving away from "storm" and towards "fair".

We've got this.

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