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The trouble with you is…

You know what the trouble with you is?

A few years ago, you were on a “quest”:

  1. opening a new business

  2. buying a business

  3. relocating a business

and you were ignited, passionate, on fire.

Then you succeeded.

And now you are bored.

So you have become distracted by BSO (bright shiny objects):

  1. shall I open a second location?

  2. shall I develop a new product or service line?

  3. shall I invest in a friend’s business?

  4. shall I work on my hobbies

  5. shall I screw around?

Your existing business is going to pot.

Your existing team are wondering where the hell you have gone and what they did wrong to deserve this?

Its time to start “thinking INSIDE the box”.

INSIDE the box that is your business.

INSIDE the life that you worked so hard to create.

INSIDE the quest that you haven’t completed yet – you just thought you had.

If you can get passionate again about that – then decide (with your team) what the next “quest” will be – and re-ignite yourself.

If you cannot get passionate about that – then get the hell out.

Stop being BORED – because you are such a pain in the ass when you are bored.




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