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The switch from Analog to Digital

I've been privileged to act as moderator and co-presenter for the latest series from Align Technology on Digital Excellence - "powered by iTero".

On 21st October I joined with Dr. Ingo Baresel, Dr. Gianluca Plotino and Dr. Wayne Williams for a 90-minute webinar. There's a link below for you to watch - here's the introduction:

"A practical guide and sense check for dental professionals embarking on their digital journey.

With so many opinions, options and assumptions, we invite you to join our panel to gain clear thinking and structured consideration designed to help you kick-start your approach and transition plans for a digital practice.

Why digital?

An exploration of why transitioning to and accelerating use of digital dentistry is a valid option for today`s professionals.

Dr Ingo Baresel will re-confirm the current foundational rational for any dental professional planning to shift their practice into digital impression taking and the world of digital enabled opportunities that follow.

Further discussion will provide the critical reasons as to why accelerating your use of digital dentistry is the correct and inevitable response to current market conditions.

How digital?

The step by step approach to digital - a roadmap

Dr Gianluca Plotino addresses the `how` - the step by step approach to digital – sharing a roadmap to guide the analog to digital journey. What are the conversations you should be having, and with whom? What does your digital vision look like for your practice, and how to create one? Clear advice to not only get you started, but to support your journey into digital.

A personal journey

Sharing a real-world example of the analogue to digital switch

Dr Wayne Williams, a highly experienced prosthodontist and Principal of a well-established and successful practice takes us through why he chose to switch from analogue to digital, how he achieved this, the realities of this change and tips for those taking the same journey."

If you follow the link below you can watch the full 90-minute webinar and also download a free "beginners guide" in which the three speakers share their top tips for getting started on the digital journey.

Watch out for future presentations - I'll share them here in the blog.

You can catch up on past broadcasts and register for future events HERE.

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