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The shared experience and "strength in numbers" 2.0

I want to thank the many people who sent messages of encouragement and support following my confessional in yesterday's blog.

It seems that "we are in this together" is more than just a hackneyed and hijacked phrase used by our politicians.

We really are - and the number of clients and friends who messaged me with "me too" was a surprise and a real comfort.

My business coach Rachel Turner connected to share a link to a post she had published the same day on pacing ourselves during lockdown - and it really is worth drawing this to your attention - take a few moments to read her thoughts and guidance on the lockdown fatigue that many of us are experiencing:

It would be disingenuous of me not to say that most days now begin with a sense of overwhelm.

  • Re-prioritising my task list;

  • Scanning unanswered emails to see if there are any genuine emergencies;

  • Reviewing a calendar full of calls and conferences to get my head around the day.

Then the starter pistol fires and off we go again.

One minute it's 05:00, the next, bedtime. Relentless.

For all of that, I concluded a Regeneration client call (with over 160 attendees) at 18:30 last night and was buzzing after our conversation:

  • The Extreme Buying Group has ordered over £360,000 of PPE in the last 10 days and we have achieved significant savings for our members, as well as shortened delivery dates. When the private sector gets "official" clearance to return to work, my clients will be ready;

  • We shared with our clients an analysis of who has bought what, to dispel the uncertainty of the smaller practitioner as to the "what, when, where, why and for how much?" questions that have troubled so many;

  • We heard Part 3 of a presentation from Marcos White on his digital triage and consultation system, essential for contactless dentistry in the new normal:

  • After an inspiring conversation earlier in the week with Neil Harris from HRS Dentalcare, I presented to the group my first draft of a "Return to Work" cash flow forecasting spreadsheet, designed to help members understand how they must be organised, what they must pay their teams and what they have to charge in order to make their businesses profitable in phase 1 of the Return to Work cycle. There is more work to do on this over the days ahead but I now have 136 clients to help me create a final version. The RTWMOAS - "Return to Work Mother of all Spreadsheets" is under construction.

I mentioned earlier this week "strength in numbers".

My initial reference was the collective buying power of my Buying Group - we have a combined turnover in excess of £100 million and climbing as new members join.

Equally, "strength in numbers" refers to an understanding of each individual client's cash flow over the next 6-12 months - and we are on the brink of answering that question for every client.

Another day begins.

I'm excited about welcoming Simon Thackeray, Jason Smithson and Dominic "O'Hooley to the 13:00 Daily Briefing and our usual panel to this evening's Business Confidence Forum.

I'm sure the theme on both of those calls will be how we influence the CDO and others to get private dentistry back to work.

Along the way - another day of emails, tasks and calls.

Let's go!

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