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The Return of The Head Cook and Bottle Washer (is that you?)

Someone whose responsibilities include absolutely everything, from the highest level (chief cook) to the lowest (bottle washer)

Whether you are an Owner or a Manager, the challenge is that it can seem easier in the short term to do absolutely everything, rather than train, delegate and monitor.

Add in a dose of pandemic and there's a good chance that you regress to the role of HC&BW, so as to cover the gaps, as well as the inadequacies, in the team.

One of the early challenges of 2022 will be for those who have regressed to face forward again and resume the essential habit of delegation.

We still have a way to go I admit - but stay focused and determined to regain your status as a leader and not the doer of all deeds.

Burn out and madness threaten if you fail so to do.

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