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The return of imposter syndrome

It’s back.

How do I know that?

Because I’m reading emails every day from clients who are taking part in our Get Your Year in Gear programme – the 31-day kick start to 2020.

In week 1 we have been looking at:

  1. high and low points over the last 3 years

  2. a personal SWOT analysis

  3. 90-day goals for Q1 2020;

  4. tolerations

  5. unique abilities

  6. 3-year vision

I’m humbled by the honesty with which the daily responses are being written.

I’m reassured that we all suffer from a degree of imposter syndrome at some stage.

I’m reminded of the “Three Excuses” described by proponents of the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun. The three reasons that we sometimes doubt ourselves:

  1. This stuff looks hard – it is – be willing to do the hard work;

  2. I don’t want to look stupid – be willing to look stupid (see the quote below);

  3. I’m too _____ to do this. Add your own doubt to the space. This is the monkey brain telling you all the reasons that you aren’t good enough. Your excuse is invalid. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Imposter syndrome lurks back-stage in our lives every day, waiting to whisper to us that we aren’t good enough; to delay, procrastinate and avoid.

There is no way to remove imposter syndrome.

Tomorrow I will share with you a 4-step process to overcome imposter syndrome.

The way you improve any skill is to try, reach the limits of your ability, fail, and try again. You problem-solve, playfully. If you screw up, laugh it off and try again. If toddlers were afraid of falling, we’d all be crawling around on hands and knees. Mistakes are not verdicts on your self-worth; they are sign posts that help you navigate to the correct move. Wing Chun Concepts

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