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The Perfect Imperfectionist – Step 5 of 11

I’ve always been a dreamer – sometimes been “accused” of it. Right now, I’m dreaming about:

  1. an Aston Martin V12 Vantage, straight out of the showroom, on my 60th birthday – 9th September 2013

  2. taking The Dental Business Club to £1m in sales over the next two years

  3. acquiring “sweet equity” in a dental venture that will secure my financial independence for my 65th birthday – 9th September 2018

  4. finding new and even better ways to use technology to deliver coaching services to my clients

  5. buying a holiday home in the Greek Islands

  6. learning to dance the Argentinian Tango with Annie

  7. hosting ALL FIVE of my children at our homes and on our holidays

  8. picking up a small speedboat down here in Falmouth next year

  9. encouraging and introducing at least 20 of my clients to Unity Partnership membership of Bridge2Aid each year for the next three years

  10. seeing my clients pick up dental awards every year

  11. encouraging ALL of my children through university and into adult life

  12. crossing the line at The London Marathon in April 2011 with Megan, Ashley and my son Joshua

  13. standing at the top of Kilimanjaro in August with Annie

  14. a reunion with some of my best friends in the North American coaching community – New York, November, the Friday before running my second marathon of the year

and one very personal dream for 2011 that I won’t share with you – but you’ll know when you hear about it. Right now I’m reflecting on:

  1. 2010 as my best business year EVER, measured by sales, profit and pure pleasure

  2. the best web site in dental consultancy IN THE WORLD

  3. a superb support team

  4. really great kids who I’m supremely proud of – every single one of them

  5. Anneliese – a partner who tolerates, supports and waits patiently for me to come home, always happy to see me, faithful, constantly grounding me, never failing to make me laugh out loud at myself

  6. some people who didn’t make it to Christmas this time – notably Viren Patel and Martin Wyers – loved you both, in your own individual ways

  7. the love and passion I have for my chosen vocation

  8. the amazing friends I have in dentistry and around the world

  9. the best holiday of our lives, sailing in the BVI last January – Dave, Dave, Simon, Pam, Cheryl, Laura – we miss you and wish we were going again!

  10. the second best holiday of the year – in Greece with my daughters

  11. a superb weekend at The British Grand Prix with my three boys

I have no idea whether all of my dreams will come true (maybe 80% of them eh?). But I do know I’ll still be dreaming as I draw my last breath – because its the dreaming that gives us hope – and hope gives us a reason to show up. Merry Christmas all – have a lovely day today – and take some time to dream and reflect over the next few days. Things I’m going to spend 80% of my time doing Things I’m going to spend 20% of my time doing Surrounding myself with technology that will make my life easierMaking my life difficult by not using technologySurrounding myself with people who make me feel good about myselfTolerating people who make me feel bad about myselfSurrounding myself with a support team who can make my life easierMaking my life difficult by not using my support teamBecoming incredibly selfishBecoming incredibly self-lessLook forward and imagine a fantastic futureLook back and reflect

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