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The paradox of the reluctant business traveller

I’d love to just be a writer. Write in the mornings, from 6.00am till noon, exercise then study in the afternoons, rest in the evenings – perfect life. An office with a nice view, a laptop and access to a pool or the ocean, long walks, beautiful scenery. Problem is – I’d have nothing to write about. It’s the speaking, travelling and coaching that supply the raw material from which the writing emerges. Meeting people and hearing their stories, experiencing good and bad customer service, listening to clients educate me with their own insights. I love speaking, writing and coaching and, in the words of a client who wrote to me today (and inspired this blog) – “just need to turn it into a profit centre.” The solution is a world-class support team (who can take control of the management that I so tolerate) and fierce boundaries on my own time management. When I’m professionally blue it’s always because: 1. I think I may have upset my team (poor leadership) 2. I have let our lead generation/conversion systems slip and client numbers are down (poor management) 3. I have spent too much money! (poor me) When I’m professionally sparkling its because: 1. I’m in front of an appreciative audience 2. I’m coaching with effect 3. I’m writing good quality stuff

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