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The OFT Report

In response to the recent OFT report, if I were a Principal I would be displaying in my reception area and across my social media channels the following statement: “Dear patient You will, no doubt, see and hear on the media the findings of an investigation conducted by The Office of Fair Trading into dentistry in the UK. The banner headline focuses on the claim that up to 500,000 patients in the UK have been misled as to their options for treatment. This will be the focus of attention over the next few days as the media makes the most of the story. As always, they will skim the surface for some bad news to sell copy, airtime and advertising. The responsible media will look at the story in its entirety. The irresponsible media will paint all dentists as demons focused on making money. In reality, the OFT raises important issues that have been lobbied for by many dental practitioners who have become unhappy with the current NHS dental contract, with pricing in private dentistry, with access to Dental Care Professionals and other important matters. The report says nothing that we haven’t known for some time. We believe that there is much room for improvement in the provision of dental care in the UK. However:

  1. just because some senior MP’s fiddle their expenses, it doesn’t mean that they all do

  2. just become some reporters hack phones, it doesn’t mean they all do

  3. just become some cricketers throw matches, it doesn’t mean they all do

Just because some dentists fail to explain choices properly, it doesn’t mean we all do. We welcome this report, its findings and the changes recommended. If you would like a copy, please ask. In the meantime, we will carry on doing our level best to deliver a professional clinical outcome and great customer service – just like we always do.”

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