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The new Extreme Business web site

I was going to make the official announcement on Monday – but I cannot wait.

This afternoon our brand new web site was quietly launched at

I’m simply very proud of all the work that has been done by Rachel Barrow, who has designed and built the site on a platform that will include our blog and continue to be managed by our friends at Dental Focus.

We’ve put many hours into making the site as user-friendly as possible, whilst covering the multitude of ways in which we help our clients.

I’m reminded of a famous quotation from Winston Churchill who said “it takes me 6 minutes to write a 6-hour speech but 6 hours to write a 6-minute speech”. It seems to have taken a long time – but we have arrived.

The team at Extreme Business are very proud of what we do, of the difference we make – and we hope that you enjoy your new digital shop window.

Like any new-build, there are bound to be glitches – if you find one, please let us know.


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