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The new adoption cycle

Do you remember in the good old days, when we used to talk about "innovators" and "early adopters" leading the way for everyone else?

It occurs to me that, as we prepare for phase 1 of "Return to Work" and Dentistry 2.0, the folks who usually occupy the graph to the right of "the chasm" of acceptance are going to be not just left behind, but extinct.

Given the clinical requirements of whatever SOPs we end up with.

Given the new patient journey and workflow.

Given the revised financial forecasting necessary to make for a solvent business.

Whether it's tomorrow (if you break ranks - as many are now likely to do after the CQC's latest "clarification"), or 1st June or 6th July.

The reality is that everyone in dentistry is going to be obliged to become an innovator, like it or not.

I suspect that many will choose not to and that will disrupt the market in ways that we are beginning to imagine.

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