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The long weekend ahead – get some rest – do some thinking

Heading up to The Lake District this morning for a full day of coaching with Neil Cooper and the team from Crossbank Dental Care – friends and clients since the practice opened. What a great way to end the working week before taking a 4-day rest from the travel.

I’ll never regret my decision to retire from driving a car over 5 years ago – and I’ve recently been reminded that I’m lucky to live in a country where public transport is largely dependable and pleasant.

We all need a rest over the weekend ahead and I hope that you will resist the temptation to take work home with you and see if you can actually close your business/job (if not your head) for a few days.

The perfect imperfectionist in me wants to aim at 80% free time and 20% thinking time – not actually “doing work” but reflecting on how the year has been so far and what I have to accomplish in the balance of Q2 and the rest of this year.

My coaching session with Rachel Turner last Tuesday was invaluable in that respect and I now have a clear set of Q2 goals:

  1. To attract 100 members into The Extreme Business Club;

  2. To have the new Extreme Business web site fully functional;

  3. To have my 2020 calendar planned – free, focus, content development and bunker days;

  4. To maintain good nutrition, responsible consumption of alcohol, steady cycling for pleasure and the physio necessary for gradual recovery from Achilles Tendinopathy;

  5. To have designed my Q4 marketing campaign for 2020 coaching services;

  6. To remain on target for financial security and freedom.

Do you have your Q2 goals in place?

If “yes” then take a moment this weekend to review them away from the coal face.

If “no” then perhaps some time to set them would give you and your team clarity and direction when you return from the break.

The blog will be back on Tuesday – have a lovely weekend.

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