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"The Law of the Farm"

The Guardian reports this morning that after two consecutive quarters in which GDP has fallen, we officially have ourselves a recession:

Industry sectors are screaming for support. The daily news is a catalogue of layoffs and warnings.

The Bank of England (no doubt encouraged by the Government) are suggesting that the bounce back could be rapid but other economists point out that mini-lockdowns threaten that.

You wouldn't think it though. Here in leafy Cheshire, the pavement crowds were out in force over the weekend, doing their level best to keep the pub and restaurant sector alive and looking beautiful and affluent in the North West sunshine.

For most of my dental clients, business is currently booming and I encourage them to use this harvest time to generate as much ethical and compliant cash flow as possible.

I'm reminded of what was said by Stephen Covey in "The 7 habits of highly effective people":

There are no shortcuts to sustainable and profitable business and, no matter how busy and exhausted you are, it is essential to maintain your 5 business systems in good shape:

  1. Financial

  2. Marketing

  3. Patient Experience

  4. Operations

  5. People

That's why you need to spend time ON your business, even though the temptation right now is to invest all of your time IN the business. Just turning up and doing groundhog days isn't going reap a harvest in the longer term.

Take some time out with your senior team and your business coach to observe "The Law of the Farm".

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