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The lab that doubled

I’m looking for a dental laboratory that wants to double profits in the next 5 years. We are steadily recruiting members for The Twenty – my new group of top coaching clients (see previous blog post) and stated at the outset that I was looking for one lab to be part of the group. The benefits are obvious – as well as myself and the 7connections team advising you on business growth, you will be developing long-term friendships with 15 or more of the best practices in the UK and a strategic alliance relationship with at least one major UK supplier. As we move towards our Managed Group Practice business model (in collaboration with OneSG) you will also be exposed to new client opportunities. As we collaborate with new dental business ventures overseas, you will be at the cutting edge of innovation. OK – I am biased – I want this group to be the creme de la creme of European Dentistry – and I want a fantastic lab as part of that group. If you know of a lab that would thrive in this environment – please recommend me to them. If you are that lab – give me a shout.

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