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The Front Desk Champion

Last week I walked into the Thorpe Park Hotel in Leeds for the first time in about 2 years. Previously, this was the venue for my Dental Business School workshops from 1998 to around 2006. As I approached the front desk, Louise walked out of her office and said: “Good evening Mr Barrow – its so nice to see you here again. How are you?” I responded with the usual stuff. “Didn’t you tell me last time you were here that you had changed your job?” she said, referring to an earlier conversation (2 years earlier) about the work I was doing for IDH. I was amazed, impressed, appreciated and felt as if I was back home for a few moments – back in a safe place where I was loved. If I had a dental practice in this part of town I would pay WHATEVER it took to headhunt Louise for my front desk. She is the epitome of everything I have been saying since 1996.

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