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The Friday riff on a cracking week and deciding to be happy

Friday morning at the Hilton Gatwick and I’ll shortly be catching the Express into Central London for my last client meeting of the week with the simply delightful Imran Sayed and Dahlia Sunba, owners of Chelsea and Fulham Dentist.

If I may say so, they are the archetype young married dental couple who are simultaneously starting a family whilst crafting and grafting a new business.

Their spirit and determination is an inspiration to me, even as I mentor them on the journey.

It’s been a helluva week.

Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England.

Trains, planes, taxis and hire cars.

5 client meetings and 1 huge workshop (well done to Gary Nelson at Quality Plan for packing the house yesterday).

4 hotels.

2 training runs before Sunday’s final marathon of the year (in some extreme weather).

Life is good.

My second positive Irish experience of the week was the huge numbers at yesterday’s workshop with Sheila Scott and also the “QP Buzz” in the room as we worked through our ideas on:

  1. how to make team decisions;

  2. how to build team systems;

  3. how to improve your new patient experience.

Our job as presenters and facilitators is made easy by an audience that are open minded, willing to learn and clearly enjoying the event.

The amazing extra is that Gary has filled a second room at the same venue in January – can’t wait.

Working with Practice Plan, Quality Plan and Sheila this year has rekindled my enthusiasm for the workshop format – that bodes well for my imminent return to India and also for my own Extreme Business 2018 workshops, kicking off next month.

It seems there is a decision that we can all make right now.

To take part in the negativity or to create our own positivity.

To believe the propaganda or to craft our own stories.

To follow the herd or to plough our own furrow.

I’m going to believe that 2018 will be a year in which the best get better, whatever you are doing.

Next week, I’ve only got one night in a hotel, 2 days travel and 3 days working around The Barrow Bunker. I’m quite giddy at the prospect of waking up at home for a change.

The project list before Friday 22nd is ominous but I know I’m going to get it all done eventually and, like you, close the office down a week today for some R&R.

I’d like to propose a little pre-Christmas challenge.

That we spend the next week telling ourselves and those around us why 2017 has been a great year and why 2018 will be even better.

So it’s off to the big city now to inspire and be inspired and then (train strikes willing) up North to see that lovely lady I married for Friday night in the kitchen with a pre-marathon cheeky red and a chance to catch up.

I wish you a super Friday.

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