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The Extreme Business Spring Retreat – London – Friday 12th April 2019 to Sunday 14th Apr

Let me explain the aims and objectives of the retreat. I personally take time out every spring/summer to plan the following calendar year: Step 1 – strategic plan – deciding the direction for the year in the context of a 3-year plan Step 2 – time and priority management – establishing the 2019/20 calendar and allocating free days, income-generating days and preparatory days; Step 3 – organisational structure – recognising the internal and external people and skills that will be required to work the plan Step 4 – financial control – creating the personal and professional budgets, cash flows and targets for the year Step 5 – bringing the plan together – 90-day goals

A retreat is a 3-day intensive during which you can work your way through the same process and emerge with a clear plan for 2019/20. In April I am once more locating the retreat in London’s West End at one of my favourite locations, Seminars@thirtyeight, part of the prestigious 38 Devonshire Street dental practice owned by my friend Dr. Gaynor Langley.

The venue is in the heart of Marylebone, allowing easy access from all communication routes into the capital; it’s also one of the most beautiful dental practices in the UK. Delegates will be expected to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation, allowing for complete flexibility on how you spend your personal time before, during and after the retreat. You will be my guest for dinner on Saturday night. The retreat will commence on Friday lunchtime, 12th April 2019 and conclude on Sunday afternoon, 14th April 2019. During this total immersion in planning I will be making sure that you:

  1. discuss and decide on your 2019/20 business plan

  2. populate your calendar for the full year, allocating time for work, rest and play

  3. build the ideal team structure, identifying weaknesses and gaps

  4. complete both personal and professional budgets and cash flows in Excel that will be your guide to financial success

  5. establish clear personal and professional goals and time-activate them

No doubt we will discuss many other topics connected to the business of dentistry, but you will leave with a comprehensive plan of action, denominated in time and money.

Who will benefit? Anybody who operates an existing dental business, whether NHS, mixed, private or specialist from single or multiple locations.

  1. You have (or are about to) recently acquired a business and want a clear plan for growth

  2. You have an existing business that has reached a glass ceiling and want to break through

  3. You are thinking about your exit strategy and want to “polish the silver” before the sale

  4. You feel as if you can do much more in business and require some mentoring

  5. You are about to move beyond one location and start to grow a small group

  6. You own a micro-corporate and seek effective strategies and tactics for controlled growth

  7. You want some time away from the noise to think

What next and how much? Your investment in this retreat will be £1,050 (inclusive of VAT) per person to include all conference fees plus morning and afternoon refreshments. You can secure your place with a deposit of £350 now and then pay the balance in 2 further instalments of £350, to be collected on 1st March and 1st April. Alternatively, pay the full invoice value in January 2019 and enjoy a 5% “early bird” offer of just £997.50 (inclusive of VAT). To begin that process, simply send an email now to and let me know you are interested. Numbers will be restricted, allowing for deeper discussion and thinking with each attendee. A chance for you to get some quality time, to share best practice, strategy and solutions with people in a similar situation and to work with me exclusively in a superb environment – and I promise some fun!

Here’s What Was Said About Previous Retreats

“Thank you for the excellent weekend retreat. By way of payback, here are my thoughts for you to use as and if you wish. Although attending the business retreat meant losing my Admin Friday and my weekend, it turned out to be no sacrifice at all, as I am certain the things I learned will save me much more time in the long run. The weekend was set up in a logical order, with plenty of time to get to know and learn from the other practices’ methods and the other owners’ concerns. We regularly went off-piste, pursuing in more detail issues that came up in the course of the discussion but having had the opportunity to state our aims for the weekend at the beginning of the course, Chris knew the ground he needed to cover to make sure everyone felt listened to. It was no surprise at the end of the course to find that everyone felt they had had time to work through their own particular requirements. Chris was his usual straight-talking self, happy to give appropriate advice in a supportive way. And now we are all back in our individual caves, beavering away alone again, Chris is there as a back-up with his advice and reminders to track our progress, ensuring we don’t lose the momentum we generated. I can assure anyone considering whether to attend a future business retreat that this one is great value. Go for it.” Celia Burns Nothing but the Tooth Sutton Coldfield

“We have recently changed the whole physical structure of our surgery, after successfully practicing for the last 20 years, with the ever changing dental field, the advent of corporates both major and micro we cannot just rely on good will and loyalty of patients and team, or a “flashy” looking surgery. We are hard-working Principals who are supporting our associates, but now need to focus on what we want and how the practice will develop in the next 10 years. We want to work ON the business and not IN the business, therefore we need to restructure our mind set and the way we practice We have seen and heard of Chris at various dental platforms and have always been inspired by his energy and extensive knowledge. So, when an email popped up advertising a “retreat” focusing on this really appealed to us. As hopefully we could achieve a good balance in work and play. After 20 years of muddling along with only having limited business, marketing, HR training through various organisations and CPD lectures. We decided to do this properly and make our practice exceptional, successful and most importantly enjoyable for us personally as well as our team and patients. The course was started with what we wanted to achieve out of the weekend, and Chris masterfully made sure that all our requests were answered and with the tools to achieve the goals we set, in a fun and relaxing environment After the retreat we have a new “zest of life” and have changed our outlook both personally and clinically, we are learning to delegate more rather than “micro-manage”. We are putting in the ideas we learnt from Chris making our lives more balanced and happier. So much so our team and patients are appreciating the change, and our relationship has grown stronger.”

Roma and Dipesh Patel Ashford Dental Care Kent Call to action Simply reply to this email, or contact me on now and let me know you are interested.

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