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The Extreme Business Academy – July content

Members of The Extreme Business Academy will be enjoying the following new content this month:

  1. An extensive video and audio interview with Laura Horton, who talks about her career and her latest thoughts on the role of the Treatment Co-ordinator in independent practice;

  2. A tutorial sharing a 12-step guide to increasing the number of patient referrals that you enjoy;

  3. A live Q&A webinar with Academy members, focusing on the role of the TCO in modern practice.

Now entering our fourth month, we are already building a back-catalogue of useful resources that members are using for their own personal development and/or management and team training.

Membership has topped 100 after just a few weeks and we are welcoming new arrivals from the UK, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, India and the USA.

At an annual investment of £260 (or £25 per month), it represents incredible value for money.

Join a global community of dental people who are striving for excellence in business.

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