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The end of yet another busy week

Saturday morning and, unusually, I’m sat at the back of the room watching somebody else present to my clients. Dr. Asif Syed is spending the day with a pilot group of 7 clients, discussing and presenting on the use of Key Performance Indicators to keep your “finger on the pulse” of the dental practice. Not just financial KPI’s but all of the key performance and behavioural measures. I first met Asif 6 years ago at a BDA conference and we have become good friends. Additionally, he is one of the few people that can engage my entrepreneurial attention span for hours and not just minutes. A very clever man who hasn’t done wet-fingered dentistry for 3 years now – he helps clients to improve profits via KPI monitoring – and I’m hoping he’ll be doing a lot more of that with our clients over the years ahead. It’s a “red letter day” for Chris Barrow – not presenting. This ends a busy but immensely fruitful week:

  1. Monday evening – Belfast and co-presenting with Isoplan

  2. Tuesday – our own Belfast workshop

  3. Wednesday – our own Manchester workshop (one of the best days in 9 years of the DBS)

  1. Wednesday evening my first trip to Old Trafford in 2 years, to see the Champions League game against Lille

  2. Thursday – a steady drive to London and a host of client phone calls

  3. Friday – for the first time in my life I walked across London Bridge with 500,000 people going to work in the Square Mile

My journey was to see a favourite client who has built an award winning practice. The amazing business family at Bow Lane Dental Group (and, by the way, one of the best web sites I’ve seen at Bow Lane). Breakfast with the principal, individual meetings with every team meeting, a group conversation in the afternoon and then early supper with the client to debrief him. A superb day that left me feeling 100% job satisfaction. Arriving back at the new Hilton Tower Bridge (first class by the way) I discovered a dental conference taking place at the hotel – 180 dentists there for the day and some of my clients amongst them. It’s a small world. So to Heathrow (the Hilton again) this morning. I’ll be heading for home later and reflecting on a wonderful working week. I’ve seen light-bulbs going on in people’s heads all week – that’s what I love about this work.

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