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The End of Treatment Conversation

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Carrying on with yesterday’s theme (and my current obsession) that Word of Mouth marketing (both analogue and digital) is far more effective than throwing money at the problem, here’s a conversation that was developed with my clients for either a Dentist or TCO at the end of some courses of treatment:

So Mr. Patient, now that we have arrived at the end of your course of treatment, I’d like to ask a couple of questions:
  1. Are you happy with the clinical outcome?

  2. Are you happy with the customer service that the team have delivered? If so, I’d like to ask some favours.

we are growing the practice at the moment, we would like to see new patients and would love to see more people like you, because we like you! Would it be OK to give you three of my referral business cards to pass on to any family, friend or colleague who may be interested in visiting our practice?

is it possible that we could ask you for a short review on Google or Facebook?

we also love to collect testimonials from happy patients, they are great for our marketing and can also give confidence to others who may be nervous. We find that 90% of those who do consent to a testimony prefer a written commentary, as they are uncomfortable if there is a video camera recording, whereas 10% are happy to be filmed and photographed. May I ask – are you a 90%’er or a 10%’er?

If a 90%’er I’d love to organise a written testimonial from you

If a 10%’er, we would like to invite you to one of our quarterly video testimonial evenings here at the practice. Every 3 months we set aside some time early evening and invite 4-6 of our 10%’ers to come along for some light refreshments, to have their photograph taken professionally (at our expense) and to be filmed for 4 minutes or so. The questions we ask on video are

How did you find us originally?

what was it that had you looking?

How was your customer service experience

What difference did the treatment make?

It would be lovely to invite you to our next event – the dates are……
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