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The dumb mistakes dentists make on a regular basis - with Rich Madow

Rich Madow is a Dentist, Speaker and Business Coach from Baltimore in the USA.

He graduated in 1984 and started his dentistry career working in a hospital. Very quickly he found an associate position. However, he soon clashed with his boss and after a few months was sacked from his job.

Not long after, he purchased a run down practice in his hometown, beginning his journey into entrepreneurship.

At the time, dentists had a real issue with getting paid, and Rich and his brother devised a 'Collection Document' which they used in their own Practices.

They soon found that it worked very quickly, bringing in thousands of dollars in unpaid bills.

Knowing that they were onto something, they appointed a top copywriter in the USA to write a business letter and marketed this collection form to dentists all over the USA. The result was that over 30,000 dentists used these documents, a fantastic achievement when you consider there was no social media at the time.

The brothers founded a conference called TBSE, a yearly conference in Las Vegas where up to 2000 delegates regularly attended.

In this inspiring interview you will learn;

  • The importance of developing Marketing Skills and how to apply them in your Practice

  • The dumb mistakes dentists regularly make in their Practice

  • The importance of your existing patients to your Practice and reactivating old ones that have not come in for a while

  • The million dollar filing cabinet concept


Listen at the player below or via iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or your favourite podcast player.

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