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The dripping tap

Internal and inbound marketing both have the singular advantage over external marketing, that the currency by which they get done is time & people and not money.

However, many dental business Owners only throw money at external marketing - because they don't have the time or the people.

I can see the place for external marketing - but not in isolation - and I don't blame the external marketing agencies if they send qualified leads to your door that your team don't have the time or the skill to convert - bonkers.

To get "the bang for your buck", you need all three forms of marketing:

  • External - paying an agency to drive qualified leads to your FOH and/or TCO team;

  • Internal - enrolling your existing patients as your advocates and unpaid sales force;

  • Inbound - educating Google that you are the expert in your area.

Internal and Inbound are a dripping tap. Another "never not" exercise.

You are never not:

  • asking for Google reviews;

  • asking for video patient (and team) testimonials;

  • handing our referral business cards with a QR code to the new patient landing page on your website.

You are never not:

  • Posting to multiple social media channels every day;

  • Posting a blog once a week;

  • Publishing and email newsletter once a month;

  • Writing articles in local digital and print media;

  • Creating e-books on treatment modalities that can be downloaded, with print media equivalents to hand out;

  • Creating a podcast interview once a month;

  • Offering Open Days/Evenings;

  • Publishing articles in trade journals and using the reprints;

  • Showing up at local B2B events;

  • Contacting local Employers with a special deal for employees.

Drip, drip, drip, drip.

Never tighten the tap.

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