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The difference between urgency and impact

There’s an important difference between urgency and impact:

  1. Urgency – I need to work more clinical hours so that we can see patients before Xmas;

  2. Impact – I need to recruit more clinicians so that we can see more patients in less waiting time.

  3. Urgency – our practice manager will have to spend the day on reception;

  4. Impact – we need to recruit a top-class reception team.

  5. Urgency – I haven’t got the time to exercise;

  6. Impact – I have to make the time to exercise.

And so on – we all do it – me included.

Ultimately, our businesses (or we) never grow whilst we are doing the urgent stuff – only when what we do is impactful.

The main benefit to me of using Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner has been to identify (each day) that which is impactful.

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