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The difference between good and bad leadership

We are all leaders; somebody is looking at you for guidance.

There is something that I’ve said before but find that I need to remind you.

It’s about effective leadership.

Well, actually, it’s about ineffective leadership.

Effective Leadership

  1. you are the custodian of the vision – where we are going – and regularly share that with your team;

  2. you are the example of the standards of performance and behaviour that are expected;

  3. you are an effective delegator

  4. you delegate that which is not your unique ability;

  5. you state clearly what you want done;

  6. you state clearly by when you want it done;

  7. you ask to be notified on completion;

  8. you then stay away until notification is due;

  9. if it’s done incorrectly – I will train;

  10. you are slow to chide and swift to bless.

Ineffective Leadership

  1. you abdicate – what the hell, I don’t care, I have too many of my own problems;

  2. you micro-manage

  3. I asked you to do this – have you done it yet?

  4. how are you doing it?

  5. if it were me I wouldn’t do it that way;

  6. why aren’t you doing it as quickly as I would have?

  7. I’m sending someone to watch how you do it;

  8. if its done incorrectly – I will complain;

  9. you are slow to bless and swift to chide.

Get it?

I’m still dealing with the after-effects of ineffective leadership.

It’s called “losing your best people”.

Is that what you wanted?

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