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The Crisis Management Bootcamp

Yes - we are back in to “crisis management” mode - only this time with even more to contend with than at any time in the last 2.5 years: Covid - it’s back and is decimating teams and patients alike - causing disruption to the appointment book, pulling team members away from their focus and making waiting lists even longer; The cost of living - prices continue to rise and we are experiencing double-digit inflation for the first time in 40 years - 85% of the workforce (and your patients) have never experienced this before - which means that many of your team members are looking to you for a pay rise and it remains to be seen how long consumer confidence will hold in dentistry Recruitment - it is harder than ever to even get a reply to recruitment advertising - it seems that traditional channels to hire people have dried up Retention - people are leaving - some are leaving dentistry (“because it’s too hard”) and some are leaving YOU because they are being tempted away by the perception of a better offer - which brings us to Headhunting - like it or not, the practice of seeking out high performers, making unsolicited approaches and offering them money to move has now crossed over from banking, law and finance into the world of dentistry - and depending on your perspective, you either need to know what to do when it happens - or how to do it! Disputes and litigation - employment claims are on the increase. As is always the case in times of economic hardship, everyone starts suing each other. Time management and balance - we are, once more, hearing from owners and managers who are exhausted and overwhelmed by events - people whose balance has been overridden once more by the urgency of getting things done. In this critical environment only the tough will survive - so Chris Barrow and Sarah Buxton would like to invite you to a 90-minute boot camp, in which we will share with you the strategies and tactics you need to get through the coming months.

We cannot cure Covid but we can share with you top tips on:​

  • What to say when a team member demands a pay rise “or else”;

  • How to spice up your recruiting so that you get good applicants;

  • Heading off the headhunters - making sure that corporates and others don’t poach your best people;

  • Hitting back - how to ethically seek out new recruits from your competition;

  • Avoiding conflict - and what to do when you cannot;

  • Balance - how to get things done without being done in

And much more. Chris & Sarah intend to share their best ideas with you and then invite tough questions and give straight answers live on the night. What you will get from this webinar:

  • Confidence - that you know more about how to deal with our current crop of crises!

  • Tactics - specific ideas that will keep you ahead of the herd;

  • Answers - throw your biggest challenges at Chris & Sarah and they will deal with them.

Your investment - £100 plus VAT per practice (unlimited attendance and recording available).

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