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The complete digital dentist : Workflows in general practice - a 3-part Autumn mini-series

31st August 2022 - 19:30 CEST (18:30 UK) - free to all registrants

In this three-part webinar mini-series, General Dental Practitioners, Lab Technicians and Restorative Specialists share how they have embraced digital technology to create lean, effective and attractive practices, able to support a complete range of treatments to meet the expectations of today's patient.

Join us for an exploration of digital dentistry in action; how iTero scanners are highly effective in driving efficient and predictive restorative workflows and how the contemporary practice is being transformed.

In this session:

  • The outlook – digital workflows and comprehensive dentistry

  • The scope of digital workflows in general practice - prevention, restoration, aesthetics, tooth movement and more

  • Fast, accurate and predictable – the journey from the chair to the lab and back again

  • Your digitized partner landscape - labs, services, software and support

  • How digital workflows improve the patient experience

  • How to get there – implementing the foundation for clinical success

This event will be presented in ENGLISH language, with live translation options for FRENCH, ITALIAN, GERMAN, SPANISH, POLISH and TURKISH. To ensure translation access, we recommend to update your Zoom software.

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