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The Chris Barrow Mentoring System – Part #1

The 10X SOI Digital Marketing System

Over the next few weeks I’m going to create 4 posts, highlighting the areas of work in which I’m getting the most effective results for my clients.

The series will take the form of 4 self-assessment tests that you can take in just a few moments but that will give you a clear insight into how you can quickly improve in the featured areas of:

  1. Marketing (this post)

  2. Growth in Sales and Profit (week #2)

  3. Building a Micro-Corporate (week #3)

  4. Delegating to your Manager(s) (week #4)

I’m setting the bar very high when I take on new clients nowadays.

I’m interested in working with people who want:

  1. a ratio of 10:1 for sales to marketing spend – for every £10,000 you invest in marketing; you want £100,000 in new business sales;

  2. growth of 100% in sales and profit – you want to DOUBLE the sales and profit of your existing business

  3. Turnover of £10m – you want to build a hub and spoke operation that could be sold for £10m+ in less than 10 years (or carry on producing over £2m+ profit each year)

  4. a business that can be 100% delegated – starting from the point that you can either go on holiday or take a course and not worry – leading to the option of completely handing over the tactical management of your business to your management team – with confidence

Let me also come very clean with you – I’m going to deliver excellent value information and education in this series but I’m also motivated to do this because I’m ready to take on some new clients.

So please understand that I’m very happy if you simply absorb this series and carry on as normal (or attempt to get things done differently by yourself).


If you really are serious about making a MASSIVE difference in 1 or more of the 4 areas mentioned – then I’m applying for a job as your Mentor through that process.

I’m looking for 3 or 4 new clients to start working with in May/June, for an initial 6-month trial contract.

The Chris Barrow Mentoring System

I’d like to apply for a job at your practice please:

  1. Title – Business Mentor

  2. Start Date – ASAP

  3. Duration – 6 months (initially)

  4. Fees-£1,200 pcm (including VAT). Your total investment = £7,200 (including VAT)

  5. Benefits – I do not require any health insurance, or a pension, or life cover, or expenses or an invite to the Christmas party

  6. Working conditions – I don’t need a desk, a chair, a telephone, a computer, a uniform, a locker or any business cards – oh, and you don’t need to be nice to me.

  7. Attitude – I’m a business builder and I know how to grow your business

  8. I’m not scared of getting my hands dirty

  9. After 5 months I will resign on a month’s notice and ask you to provide a reference for my next client – or I’ll want you to ask me to stay another 6 months – either way I’ll want you to say that I’m worth it because I helped your practice to start the process of growing 100%.

What I will do:

  1. Every month I will attend a 3-hour management meeting on site with you and/or your senior managers.

  2. Between our monthly meetings, you and your managers will have unlimited access to me and the 7connections team via email, Skype and telephone.

  3. I will also be on hand to help with any other projects required.

The 10X SOI Digital Marketing Plan

So, let’s get down to business this week – on the subject of marketing.

Below you will find a series of 22 questions, each of which requires a few moments of honest reflection and a “yes” or “no” answer.

If you score 16+, you don’t need me – congratulations – you are Champions League marketing practice – keep it up.

If you score 12-15, you need guidance – you are a Premier League practice but could do so much better. When you get into the Champions League the growth is exponential.

If you score below 12, you need help – you are letting £1,000’s of profit and 100’s of potentially happy patients slip through your net.

Take the test.

At the conclusion – if you would like to interview me as your potential Mentor for 6 months, I’m happy to attend a 30-minute telephone or Skype call – no charge, no obligation, no hard sell.

You have nothing to lose.

Just email and we will book some time.

You will find it easier to download a copy of the assessment and tick the relevant boxes as you read.

Download your free copy:

You rank in the top 3 results for Google Page #1 for the organic search terms that you want to capture☐You advertise on Google using Pay Per Click/AdWords and see a measurable and positive ROI☐You advertise on Facebook, You Tube and Instagram using Pay Per Click/AdWords and see a measurable and positive ROI☐You leverage your Par Per Click advertising using Remarketing and Retargeting and see a measurable and positive ROI☐You offer on-line booking for new patients, recalls and hygiene visits☐Your Facebook Page has over 1,000 “likes”, is growing in followers and regularly features stories about patients and team members☐You publish a practice blog every week☐Your posts on Facebook and the blog are repurposed across other social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube and LinkedIn☐Your web site offers a number of treatment specific free guides, downloaded in return for email addresses and permission to keep in touch☐Free guides are followed through with a series of automated emails☐You encourage collection of email addresses from existing patients as well as prospects☐You publish a monthly email newsletter☐You periodically activate an automated reactivation system, issuing emails to those with undelivered treatment plans☐Your recall system is evocative and an integral step in your overall marketing plan☐You operate effective Word of Mouth systems, including an End of Treatment pack☐You regularly collect patient testimonials in writing and on video☐You collect Google Reviews☐You prepare a full marketing plan every year, with allocations for financial investment and time-activated campaigns, reviewed every month☐Your email marketing is automated, using a CRM system that communicates with your practice management software☐You use a Smile Check as part of your new patient assessment and at recalls☐You use call tracker to dramatically reduce the number of calls your reception team miss☐You offer Live Chat from your web site home page during normal practice hours☐

Your score?

Next week, we will take a look at exploding your sales and profitability by 100%.

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