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The challenges of time management

At the Dental Business Club we recently asked a group of practice owners: “What is the biggest challenge facing you in the area of time management right now?” and some of the more popular replies included:

  1. The time to think, breathe, relax and vision

  2. To stop business paperwork encroaching on my leisure time on Saturdays and Sundays

  3. CQC outcomes and registration

  4. Removing low value treatments, and no value treatments from my appointment book

  5. Staying focused and not allowing distractions – especially email – to interrupt my flow in achieving the really important things

I know that the irony of the last of these will not have escaped you! To this end, I’ll be finishing 2010 with a reflection on the year and a look forward to 2011 – in particular, how you get “get everything done” in 2011, without losing your time balance.

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