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The Challenge of Building a Team

No matter how hard you try, no matter how many people you interview, no matter how much training you do – this is the reality: 5% of the people you hire will attempt to destroy everything you have created – the saboteurs 15% of the people you hire will just be crap at the job – well intentioned but crap 60% of the people you hire will turn up every day, do a good job and then put their coats on and go home 15% of the people you hire will go the extra mile, arrive early, stay late, use their initiative and GSD – get shit done 5% of the people you hire will be indispensable – they will anticipate your every need, be ambassadors for your business in everything they do, be chickens rather than pigs (think about egg and bacon – the chicken is involved but the pig is committed). Fire the saboteurs quickly Train the incompetents until they improve or break Tolerate the competent but don’t invite them to the “Henry V at Agincourt” speeches Encourage, appreciate and reward the “extra milers” Cherish the linchpins and give them a bigger future

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