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The Campbell Clinic & Academy - a video tour

On Friday 2nd August I finally had the opportunity to travel over to Nottingham and take “the tour” of Colin Campbell’s new building, meet the team and shoot the breeze with a best friend.

I had originally planned this trip just before lockdown and we all know what happened next. Equally, I had been disappointed to miss the “official opening” due to work commitments at the time.

Our friends at Dentistry Online recently featured the facility as the opening episode of their new series on “dental cribs” and I’m posting that video here as today’s blog.

It’s a good 18 minutes long but if you ever wanted to know (and be inspired by) what “state of the art” really means - take a break, put the kettle on and enjoy.

Colin, in his own blog, is sharing the story of the trials and tribulations that got him to this point - I’ll not steal any of that thunder.

However, my visit was personally inspirational and I know that this short film can rub some of that off on you (and maybe your team as a lunch and learn?).

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