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The Campbell Academy 2022 Education Programme

As I shared with you yesterday, it is wonderful to see UK dentistry coming back to life with trade shows, conferences and workshops reappearing in the calendar.

Last night's Business Confidence Forum was disrupted by panelists attending or en route to The BOC in Manchester and The London Dentistry Show - but we still managed a quorum of key opinionated leaders and a lively conversation.

To add to the mix, this week The Campbell Academy have announced their 2022 Education Programme and, as we have come to expect, it's a corker, combining the best of digital and physical training and consultancy, the latter delivered in what is arguably the nation's most advanced clinic and post-graduate centre.

You can find a link to Colin's blog on the subject:

and that will also lead you to the registration page, where you can download a complimentary copy of their brochure.

It's the biggest curriculum they have ever created, covering critically important aspects of clinical dentistry and the business end of things.

In the members' declaration of interests, I'm a paid visiting guest lecturer on their business course but even so, that's a fraction of what they do and you would be well advised to study this carefully as part of your own "come back" next year.

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